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Updated: Apr 19, 2019

After three weeks in Mississippi visiting churches, including our home church, we moved on to Kentucky where we made our home for just under four weeks. We left out on a Wednesday morning from Grenada, MS and drove about 5 hours to a small town in Tennessee where we stayed over night at a truck stop. The next day we moved out and drove slowly up, and then slowly down, the Tennessee hills to our destination in Kentucky. We took the long way up and over in order to avoid the major highways. It was a beautiful drive and the smaller roads provided less sway on the trailer…making the drive much less terrifying. Being pushed around in a trailer by passing trucks is not for the faint of heart! We enjoyed the rolling hills, unique bridges, and old barns that we came across during our travels this past month!

After arriving in Kentucky we stayed busy as usual. We had the blessing of visiting two or three churches each week. Meeting new brothers and sisters in Christ at each new turn has been exciting for us all. We have greatly enjoyed the fellowship from each new church family we have visited.

A couple of weeks ago we were given tickets to the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter in northern Kentucky. We all had a wonderful time going through each of the many incredible exhibits. We personally recommend both museums as a must see for anyone coming through the area. After visiting several evolution based Science and History museums via our reciprocal museum passes, it was refreshing to be given the opportunity to visit museums that teach Biblical truth!

The following week we were able to visit with my parents, who made the drive from Arkansas to come see us for a couple of days. They rented a small cabin at the campground we are staying at and we enjoyed relaxing evenings around the fire and some fun sight seeing while they were here! We sure miss all of our friends and family more than we can begin to express and are thankful for all of the messages and phone calls.

Homeschooling continues for the kids and we are finally getting into a groove which has been good for all of us. We have switched up our curriculum while on deputation and the use of something less teacher intensive seems to be helping us all for the time being. Keeping the kids’ minds focused on school when they think we are on vacation is my biggest challenge. It has also been spring break for the schools in Kentucky so our children are feeling utterly deprived for having to do school work while they watch other kids play outside. However, I keep reminding them that they will get a good chunk of time off when we make our transition to they will thank me later I’m sure ;)

This week we traveled to Alabama, where we will be for the next few days before heading to Florida. The weather is getting warmer as we move farther south so the kids have enjoyed getting outdoors to hike and fish at the campground where we are staying. Matthew will be updating everyone in his next Prayer letter regarding our big move to Chiang May so be sure to keep an eye out for his news letter coming out later this week!!

His by Grace,

Brittany Villandry

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