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Countless good-byes, continual packing (and unpacking), and the anomaly of not knowing where home is has come to an end. Two weeks ago we stepped on board our long awaited flight to Chiang Mai, Thailand with our four children and now...we’re here!

The flight was genuinely altogether uneventful...which is exactly what you hope for when traveling with four children. During the longest flight (14 hours) the children did not sleep ONE SINGLE MINUTE but the Lord was gracious and they all stayed happy and content. After the long flight we still had a six hour flight ahead of us but this time the children all slept the entire time!

Upon our arrival, we loaded up our 20 totes into a couple of vans and drove to our temporary rental where we all crashed for the night. The next few days were a total blur. Most of us had a hard time adjusting to the time change (12 hours ahead of central standard time). Two nights in a row our youngest, Benjamin, woke up around 1:30am ready to play and start the day! We greatly appreciate everyone's prayers for safe travels and an easy transition. God has been good to us!

After a few days, we were able to get out to look at houses to rent for the next year while we go to language school. Again, the Lord provided quickly and we were able to find a place within a few miles of our school. The next day we signed paperwork and moved in! Thankfully the new house is completely furnished which meant we didn’t have to go out and purchase any furniture...yay! This will make our move to Mae Ai much easier and less expensive as well!

Once we got settled in the house we set out to find vehicles. We were able to sell our family vehicle before we left so we were able to purchase a small used van for the family (we call it a “mini” Mini Van). It is teen tiny but still seats all six of us comfortably which works well in the city where the lanes are narrow and multiple u-turns are part of our everyday driving experience. We were also given a very generous love offering to cover the cost of a truck to take up into the villages. We took the “mini” mini van up to Plang Hok last weekend but it slid backwards down the hill and we had to be pushed up by all the a truck will be a HUGE blessing! Matthew found a good deal on a used truck earlier this week and we brought it home yesterday as well.

Still lots of little things to handle and figure out as we begin our new lives here in Thailand. We began the process of getting our Thai Driver’s Licenses last week but have to go back this week to try again...this time with all the correct paperwork (hopefully!). Figuring out where and when we will attend language school is also on the agenda for this week as well as getting school work organized and ready for the oldest three to start back to school on the 23rd of this month.

We thank you for your prayers as we get situated and we ask that you continue to keep us in your prayers. The next few weeks are going to be busy for all of us and Matthew will be leaving the 23rd to join Bro Paul for preachers training in Mae Ai for the week. Once we get a little more situated we will attempt to keep the blog updated so you can keep up with us over here on the other side of the world ;)

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