off we go

As we finish up the never ending process of selling off and donating most of our possessions I must admit I have truly found great peace in letting go of all of the unnecessary things that were cluttering our lives.

Next week we move from our 4 bedroom, 3 bath home to an RV with just under 250 square I may need you to remind me about that "sense of peace" here in a few weeks. We have managed to pack up most of what we plan to take to Thailand in about 8-10 totes which will be waiting for us in storage while we visit churches for support. Deciding what to take and what to get rid of was actually easier than we expected and I am thankful for that. The kids even did great with picking out what they wanted in their own personal totes. It has been a learning process for each of us but it has made us all

really think about what is important. Our youngest wanted to pack things like animal crackers and gold He also loves to help by hiding in the totes so he can scare mommy while she is trying to get things packed. ;-)

We are truly looking forward to continuing the process of deputation on a more full time basis. Right now we travel each weekend to churches within a few hundred miles and then travel back home for the week so that Matthew can work until our house closes and we can officially head out...full time. We will all be glad to have whats left of our belongings in one spot rather than half packed in suitcases and the other half...well, it's somewhere around here!

Meanwhile, we have already had the pleasure of visiting several fabulous churches and have been blessed beyond measure by their hospitality and graciousness. It is such an encouragement to see the Lord's churches all over the country and to meet new people with whom we have such a common bond.

We will do our best to keep you updated as we travel and we hope to see each of you somewhere along the way. It is our desire to get to Thailand as soon as possible so please pray with us that we would be able to raise the support we need quickly!

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