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Updated: Nov 21, 2018

We just got home from a two week visit with Paul and Susan Brown in Thailand. We were blessed beyond measure by our time spent with them and our hearts hurt to say good bye knowing it will be many months before we will return. During our short visit we visited three churches, explored the area we will be living in, got to know new friends, visited some beautiful trails and waterfalls, and so much more! Thankful just doesn't do it justice. We feel so undeserving to be used by God in such a massive way.

Below is a quick summary of a few of the places and people we saw along the way...

The first village we visited was Long Khoad and we enjoyed a wonderful message on Thanksgiving by Bro. Matthew. We also presented them with a Mission Ball. We took about a dozen of these with us on this trip and hope to take more next time we go.. They are such a great resource for sharing the Gospel!!

The next village we visited was Plang Hok. This was our first time getting to participate in a traditional Lahu Thanksgiving celebration and what a beautiful blessing it was to each of us! Matthew preached, several groups sang, and then we had an amazing meal of pork balls and sticky rice. We finished up by doing medicine for those that needed it and we went on our way.

The following day was Sunday and we visited Pasak 2 and heard an excellent message by Pastor Bill Smith from our sending church in Mississippi. We were blessed by several song specials and many precious testimonies from members of this little church. After the morning service we were served lunch. We finished up our visit by passing out hats and doing some medicine before driving back home.

This trip we were also able to bring our two oldest children, Cohen and Lyla. They quickly made friends with the Brown's children and we enjoyed watching them all get to know one another during our stay. It was encouraging to see them build relationships and try new things during our visit. The kids are all excited about our upcoming move!

Lots more to share and tell you about but it will have to wait until next time. We appreciate your prayers and words of encouragement. You are each a true blessing to us!

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