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Updated: Sep 9, 2018

After some sightseeing, Bro Brown dropped us off at our condo to get settled. This is where we will be staying on our trip! It is located not far from the Brown's and was very nice. It had more conveniences than we had anticipated and a great view of the area just outside of Chiang Mai. Once we set our bags down and took a quick look around we quickly plopped down on the bed and crashed for the evening. We slept for a solid 10 hours which I am confident is a record for both of us in our adult, post children life...LOL. We woke up refreshed and never really experienced any other issues with adjusting to the time difference on our trip...Praise the Lord!

Our living room/dining room/kitchen. Matthew is working on making our coffee with the press we borrowed from the Browns

The beds here are rather stiff but after such a long flight we would have been thrilled to sleep just about anywhere!

After my first experience with squatty potties in the airports I was rather excited to see a western toilet (along with toilet paper)

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